Heart, Haunt, Havoc

#1 Bestseller in Transgender Romance

Named a New York Times Best Romance Book of '23

Laced with romance, gothic imagery, Catholic mysticism, diaspora, and horror…When lonely transgender exorcist, Colin Hart, finds himself challenged by an unruly haunted house in Gideon, Colorado, he’s kept awake by ghosts, demons, ghouls, and the handsome nonbinary homeowner, Bishop Martínez.Unlike the simple hauntings Colin is accustomed to, Bishop’s house is a living beacon, attracting a plethora of inhuman creatures, including a vengeful wolf-headed spirit who might be the key to quieting their sleepless nights.But as a heartbreaking mystery unravels, Colin comes face-to-face with the past Bishop tried to bury, opens a closet full of bloody skeletons, and trips into an accidental romance.As paranormally skilled as Colin might be, this particular haunting may be too messy for him to handle…Content Note: explicit sexual content, dysphoria, body horror, gore, horror, murder, death of an animal, conversation surrounding racism and colonization, religious trauma

Cover Artwork and Interior Illustrations by M.E. Morgan

"Eerie as a haunting, biting as the midwinter night, and as tender as the ache of new love, HEART, HAUNT, HAVOC lingers long past the last page."—K.M. Enright author of Mistress of Lies"Queer Constantine meets the exorcist, in this sharp, sexy, read about exorcisms, haunted houses, and the ghosts we carry with us. A must-read for queer horror fans!"—Jen Karner author of Cinders of Yesterday"Filled with dark magic, romance and high stakes, this is a fast-paced read that pulls you through to the dramatic conclusion and doesn't disappoint!"—C.M. Rosens author of The Crows

Wolf, Willow, Witch

A vicious romance imbued with magic, thievery, and necromancy…When Tehlor Nilsen stumbles upon an abandoned corpse hidden in her friend’s empty house, she can’t ignore the energy lingering around the broken albeit familiar body. Entranced by the promise of ritualistic power, she seizes her chance to secure a vorðr. Miraculously, Hel the goddess of death, grants Tehlor an audience.But Lincoln Stone has no interest in becoming a magical sentry and raising him from the dead comes with violent consequences.When a mysterious neo-church arrives in Gideon, Tehlor catches wind of a rare relic. Despite Lincoln's troubling enthusiasm for demonology, she strikes a deal with her unruly vorðr, hoping to mend their strained relationship…Work together. Steal the Breath of Judas. Control the dead.As the magically bound pair infiltrate Haven and their heist becomes a hunt, Tehlor isn't sure if she's the predator or prey…Content Note: sexual content, body horror, animal mutilation, horror, depiction of mania, murder, discussion of sexual abuse, premeditated abuse, and religious abuse, bloody gore, obsessive behavior, drowning, depiction of panic

Cover Artwork and Interior Illustrations by M.E. Morgan